WHY SpaceParl.eu ?

63% of Europeans believe Space activity is important for Europe and Europeans. ( Eurostat 2009)

Many activities in the EU and in the world (Meteorology, Environment monitoring, Security & Defence, TV broadcast, Crisis management,) do have a important space dimension, and some are even based on a space infrastructure (Galileo, GMES).

Members of Parliaments in the EU (national or European/EU=MPsEU) represent 500 Millions citizens. They have a key role to play.

How space activities are discussed and supported in the EU by MPs (EU) is a major issue not well known.

WHAT is SpaceParl.eu ?

SpaceParl.eu is a Project, launched in 2008, giving access online to an evolving database of statements on "space" made by Members of Parliaments (national or European/EU = MPsEU)

These statements are usually known only by a minority. Space requires a better awareness in the EU in order to overcome caricatures and simplifications.

It is obviously important to give to anyone access to the discussion and debate on this complex subject. By making a central point of information on Parliaments & Space, SpaceParl.eu wants to contribute a wider awareness.

HOW SpaceParl.eu works ?

SpaceParl.eu is based on contribution by people that are aware of MPsEU "space statements" of any kind (resolution, report, books, interviews, declaration, press release & report under preparation) that should be known. They send authors and texts to webmaster@spaceparl.eu with sources.

The database is accessible to anyone with a free registration.